Sunday, December 18, 2016

Lens as a weapon

TP Shukoor
Nisar Kolakkadan
     Being a man of values, Nisar Kolakkadan is always vigilant to protest when anyone tries to loot the naturally formed sand of rivers Chaliyar and Iruvazhinji  of his village. As he is a noted and dedicated wild life photographer and environmental activist of the time, he uses his lens as a weapon to struggle against any kind of destructing activities to the nature.

     Adventurous and stunning experiences of his childhood days made him powerful enough to become a wild life photographer.  He remembers a pathetic incident during his high school time that he could not forget still after many decades.  That led him to the way of wild life protection and awareness programs.

     In older days, hunting was a common practice. No legal restrictions were there at that time.   Kolakkadan family was well-known for their dominance in hunting and 'Kaalappoottu' (bull-race).   In case of  a party or function in his house, the elder ones would set out to the forest with rifles in order to shoot down any animals to enjoy a delicious feast to celebrate the occasion.   As a high school student, Nisar also would be accompanying them for the hunting.

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