Thursday, January 17, 2013

HCL Technologies: Profit up by 68.4 %

     Following TCS and Infosys, HCL technologies also released a euphoric quarter result. HCL technologies, India’s fourth largest IT company, released the quarter result with a profit of 965 crore rupees in October-December quarter of 2012. 

Profit jumped 68.4% in this year while comparing the profit of the same period last year.  The profit rate is bit higher than expected. Analysts’ expectation was it would be 826 crores.
     Revenue of the company rose by 19.6% and it touches  6274 Crore rupees . Meanwhile, the company informed that it has decided to issue an interim dividend to its stake holders at a rate of 100% for each share.  Rs 2 will be the interim dividend for each share as the face value of HCL tech share is Rs 2.
     Present CEO and vice chairman of the company, Vineeth Nayar, will be stepped down in July 2013 and the present chief operating officer, Anand Gupta will be the new CEO.


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