Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Start making money with Amazon India

     We had discussed the topic Some ways to earn money online in a previous post.  We had slightly touched Amazon affiliate program also in that post. Here is a brief description on Amazon's affiliate program and its launch in India.
      Amazon provides Indian individuals the opportunity for making money through online selling platform while it provides amazing shopping experience for the Indian buyers as well.  Amazon Affiliate program also helps individuals to make money as commission by referring customers to the site and it also allows individuals to start seller account with the site in order to run online shops with the help of Amazon.

       Amazon, the American based electronic commerce company, recently started their activities in three locations of India; Hyderabad, Chennai, and Bangalore. [Visit Amazon India now and get Nokia Lumina 520 (Black) with amazing offers!].  Amazon inaugurated their journey solely in India against harsh technology challenges that ultimately help them get profound in many aspects on many occasions.  Most importantly, they started building IT to be stronger than what it is now.  Software and applications supporting their websites will contribute as a potential development in the area of transaction, transportation, and extremely digital commodities.  Their biggest motto, that will help every Indian build a self IT based career, is that they begin encouraging individuals to get it and personalize it.  There is the biggest sign of summoning people to receive the challenge through earning and creating impact worldwide.  Individuals get the opportunity working with decent people who are always challenging problems which already similarly hit millions of people throughout the world.

     Recent steps from www.amazon.in, launching their business activities in India, opened the door of reaching high quality internet marketing services in India and for Amazon it’s a breakthrough probably because they are going to find and capitalize enormous online professionals who are dedicated and aware of the best recent development throughout the world. Also Amazon opened their activities in three zones where the demand of IT services have proven to be the greatest class. Their decision to come first at three vital zones indicates that their vision is clear and sound on these occasions.

     Amazon is an online shopping mall helping vendors sell within the experience of Amazon. They make the shipment after they stock goods of wide varieties being a retailer first.  Amazon is a brand that represents itself the core trademark for online shopping for purchase and product research.  They provide cloud computing technology as well as assisting with other significant technologies that are able to run individual’s online store for him/ her.

    We can depict the situation by few instances that show the competitive position of www.amazon.in with others in accordance to surveys and analysis by MySmartPrice, a website that reproduces statistics of price comparison.  It says that pricing of www.amazon.in is 50% cheaper than that of other online shopping zones. The www.amazon.in was proven to be the cheapest of all for over 2000 books (Get the biography of Bill Gates now) across various genres. A very large collection of movies and videos (Get one about Aerobics now) also available in the new venture.  If we consider the shipping cost, we must come to know that www.amazon.in charges no shipping cost to its customers for sending the product to the right door. However, yet no other domestic sites reacted by offering any challenging package against it since www.amazon.in started their procedures. 

     If this difference consistently prevails for long term on likely many products, Amazon won’t have to gear up the competition while doing the business.  Amazon goes ahead imposing its India Strategy with customer-based focuses; the voice of Greg Greeley, VP of International Expansion of www.amazon.in seemingly proves that to be relevant too. It entered the Indian Market through roping nothing except using their strategies to sell products in India through a marketplace model and consequently this will help third-party sellers expose their commodities on its basic platform. Still there are some resistances from current FDI regulations as they did not allow Amazon yet to work as an e-commerce venture with their complete gestures.     


  1. Informative post! Haven't tried Amazon but I think it is worth a try.

  2. HI, BL, very informative, when I come to India, I shall try to take advantage of the amazon.India


    1. Thanks...
      You can do the same at abroad through amazon.com

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